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Reccomended tours

Vienna to Bratislava

If you wish to visit the nearby capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, you can do so by high speed catamaran from Vienna. This is one of the most exciting boat trips from Vienna, as Bratislava and Vienna are the two most closely located capitals in Europe. In just over an hour you can travel to Bratislava and back with the Twin City Liner Vienna – Bratislava.

Vienna Danube Boat Ride

If you embark on a boat trip on the Vienna Danube you can discover Vienna’s most contemporary sites, such as the United Nations building, the funny Hundertwasser’s Kunsthaus, and the relaxing the Prater woodlands and Danube Island.

Wachau Boat trip

If scenic boat trips are your thing, we suggest a boat tour on the Danube through the Wachau Valley, which is a UNESCO World heritage site. The Wachau in European history is the place where medieval crusader King Richard Lionheart was held in prison at Duernstein caste, who’s ruin you can see from the tour. Furthermore, the Wachau is the home of award winning Austrian wine and of all things apricot.


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